Hi! I’m Corry and for those who don’t know me, I have my own pet care business and write a quarterly column for The Local Biz magazine.

Most people wonder how a girl with a biochemistry degree ended up in business for herself. It all started as a child. I would bring home every stray and / or injured animal and do my best to rehabilitate them and find them new homes. Everyone believed that I would become a vet and if euthanizing animals wasn’t necessary; it probably would have been the perfect choice for me.

The next logical choice was to become a doctor-(research or clinical pathology) as I loved puzzle solving and it would also give me an opportunity to help and educate. Though, life has a funny way of throwing you curve balls. While at university, I was diagnosed with two auto immune diseases (lupus and ulcerative colitis) and that was the end of my dream to become a doctor. I was able to complete my degree and keep myself in remission using both eastern and western medicine, nutrition and exercise.

Upon graduation, I had student loans to pay off and research jobs that fell through. It was a very challenging time but it also allowed me to practice the philosophy of “let it go” and “let it happen”. I ended up going back to my love of animals and got a job at a pet store. I hated retail but loved helping people with questions they had regarding their pet’s nutrition and health. After getting fired, an idea was born to take all of my knowledge and start my own company. It is the best and scariest decision I ever made. I get paid to play and I get to use my degree to help people and their pets.

Animals teach me something everyday and that is why I’m writing this Newsfeed; to pass on my knowledge, to make you laugh and cry and to offer you hope. No matter what life throws at you, don’t be afraid to pick yourself up and continue. You never know where it may take you and you may make all your dreams come true.

About the Author

Corry Hamilton is the owner of Taking The Lead (www.takingthelead.ca) — a pet care business that focuses on pet nutrition and well-being. Like many entrepreneurs, her journey towards creating a business of her own wasn't a straight path, but she believes that no matter what life throws at you, you can always pick yourself up and move on. You never know where it may take you and make all your dreams come true. You can check out what Corry is up to on Facebook: www.facebook.com/TakingTheLead.CorryHamilton and Twitter: https://twitter.com/TakingTheLead07