Funny how a few nice days brings out everyone and their dog. Almost like the New Years resolution of going to the gym. It’s also amazing how the cold and rain causes everyone to hibernate again.

On any given spring day, we can be the only crazy creatures out walking in the pouring rain. I’m sure we are quite the sight, looking like drowned rats.

I’ve found that the best way to enjoy the weather is to be prepared and go with the flow.
I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but really if you dog proof your vehicle as well as live in the moment, you really can have fun in the rain.

I know, the thought of soaking wet clothes and the smell of wet dog, well, just stinks.
Though if you were to ask your dogs they would have a very different opinion.
They are very much like little kids.
They get so excited running through the puddles and rolling in the mud that it actually is contagious. Not that I actually roll in the mud. OK, sometimes I do but only when there is no one else around.

I’ve learned to follow their lead by throwing on my rain boots and jumping in the puddles with them. It’s pretty liberating to just “let it happen”.
You just need to find the right attitude and of course bring extra clothes/coats/boots and crank up the heat in the car.

“Wet dog”proofing your vehicle also helps. All my seats are covered with waterproof barriers and a few drops of essential oils in the vent and on the dogs help with that lovely doggie “au naturel” cologne. Even spraying apple cider vinegar on your pet or in your vehicle will eliminate that lovely spring smell.

All I know is that I’m having fun and living in the moment. So get out there and love every minute of this crazy Canadian spring.

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