Do you ever feel like you never have enough time in a day to do all the things you want to do?

I’ve been feeling like that of late. I recently had a baby and time is something that I don’t have a lot of nowadays. The laundry piles up, the sink gets full of dishes and emails go unanswered for a few days. (All pretty unusual things if you know me.)

The funny thing is, I was warned that finding time to do the things I normally do would be tough once a baby enters the picture. And although I knew this would happen, part of me thought I’d be able to handle it all. After all, I am a pretty organized person; I could handle a baby on top of everything else I do! Right?

Well, not quite.

Being an organized person has made a huge difference in my ability to handle things at this stage in my life. Put simply, if I wasn’t organized life would be much more chaotic for me. But that being said, having people (i.e. a support group or team) to help out on occasion also makes a huge difference. A husband, a mother, a mother-in-law, a best friend—all crucial people in my life right now. People who bring me delicious food, pitch in around the house, lend an ear when I need to talk or just give me a break when I need one.

Similarly at The Local Biz Magazine, having a great team to work with is crucial to me as an editor, as well as to the success of this magazine / website. This is why I am pleased to announce the addition of five new members to our Newsfeedger family. You’ve already met two of them—Connie (personal development) and Manchari (fitness / health), and in the weeks to come you’ll meet three more, Sean (sports), Ashley (parenting) and Rhian (travel). They have a lot of great insight to offer you in their respective areas and I hope you’ll join me in following them on their Newsfeedging journey.

Now if you excuse me, I have to end my post here. …I’ve got 6 unread emails in my inbox to tend to, and a hungry baby!

About the Author

Wendy Chiavalon is the Editor-in-Chief of The Local Biz Magazine. She lives in Ajax with her family. She loves watching Pixar movies, salsa dancing, road trips and of course, baking and eating cakes (who wouldn’t)?! In her spare time, she doubles as a cake decorator, baking and decorating cakes and other goodies for special occasions. You can check out some of her work at and follow her on Facebook at