Whether you are an expectant parent, a new parent or your children are grown, one thing is certain in all cases (I hope). We love our children and would do anything to protect them.

I can still remember quite vividly the day my son was born 18 years ago as if it were yesterday; and I am sure all parents (biological or not) can relate to the life changing moment that occurred when you first laid eyes on your bundle of joy, or in some cases bundles of joy.

There is no doubt that you share my anger, outrage and disgust when you listen to the details of the current case involving a 2 year old being locked in a hot car and left to die in the United States. Even more disturbing is the alleged planning, including the purchasing insurance on the life of the child, that went into this horrific and horrendous crime.

Children are a gift and our natural unconditional and instinctual love aside, we have as parents a moral and legal obligation to protect them. If you think about it, many parents may be unknowingly and unwittingly sending text messages, facebook messages, and emails to other people while their children are alone in a sweltering hot car.

Failing to plan for the future and the unexpected while you are busy trying to make a living, can result in your children suffering a similar same fate  to that innocent 2 year old.

In Canada, 1 in 68 children are affected by autism. At least 2 children per week were diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in 2011 (about half that number were diagnosed within 6 months of birth). Each year approximately 1500 children are diagnosed with cancer (Sources: Autismspeaks.ca, childhoodcancer.ca and cysticfibrosis.ca) These numbers are staggering and we are blessed to have a top class health care system in Canada.

The emotional trauma of learning that your child is sick is one thing. The financial turmoil that can ensue is another, because OHIP doesn’t cover everything, and while I fully support fundraising efforts to help families that are in need, I also believe that as parents we should be proactive and put plans in place, just in case.

Taking out a critical illness policy (which will cover the conditions mentioned above among 23 other illnesses) for your child should be high on your to do list because not only will you receive a tax free lump sum (God forbid anything happens), but you will get your premiums refunded if nothing happens (making it a forced savings plan to supplement what you are saving in an RESP for college or university).

The next time you are sitting at your favourite coffee shop texting or emailing and sipping a latte, remember that the annual cost of that latte can protect two of your children with critical illness protection, so that no member of your family (including you) are left in a sweltering hot car.

Contact me today and deflate the elephant in the room, because ignorance is not bliss, it’s dangerous

About the Author

Karl Marshall is President of Marmac Financial Services Limited, an independent insurance and investment brokerage. He lives in the Durham Region and on Saturday nights he hosts The Party Mix on G98.7 FM in Toronto. You may contact him via email karl@karlmarshall.ca @marmacinsurance on Twitter or on Facebook.