The pet community is a huge family and I’m hoping that all the great minds will be able to help a family and their puppy Molson. Molson is a 4 month old black lab who has an amazing disposition and can go the entire night without having an accident. The problem the family is having is when they leave, even for only an hour, Molson either pees or poops. He gets very agitated when they leave.

They have tried absolutely everything and are at their wits end. They love Molson but they are so frustrated and can’t figure out why he is doing this.

These are a few of the things that they have tried

• Moved him out of the crate and into the laundry room.
• Left the TV or radio on
• Quiet departures and returns
• Calming sprays/ rescue remedy
• Ticking clock
• Warm puppy buddy
• Taking him out right before they leave to do his business (he does his business)

So, if you could put on your thinking caps and help this family out it, they would be eternally grateful. No idea is too crazy.Thanks so much!

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