The Biodiversity

Costa Rica, although a small country in Central America (51,100 sq km) boasts 4% of the planet’s expected biodiversity. To put this into perspective, Costa Rica’s official website compares how many species you will find per 1,000 sq km in Costa Rica to Brazil. In Brazil you will find on average 6.5 plant species, 0.2 bird species and 0.05 mammal species, while in Costa Rica you will find 234.8 plant species, 16.9 bird species and 4.6 mammal species. Costa Rica is so biologically dense that there is so much to discover.

The People

Costa Rica is considered the Switzerland of Central America and hasn’t had an army since 1949. Their people are happy and will make you feel right at home in their beloved country. A very common saying among the joyful locals is ‘pura vida’, which simply means ‘pure life’, in English however it has more meaning in Costa Rica. The phrase can be used as a greeting or farewell, to express that things are going well or to give thanks. Although pura vida is an expression, I would say that it is more of a way of life in Costa Rica and something that everyone should experience for themselves at some point in their lives.

The Variety

There is so much to do in Costa Rica that you will surely find something you will enjoy and perhaps you may even need to plan a couple of visits! Costa Rica has lush rainforests (note that it rains year round in Costa Rica and December through April is the ‘dry’ season), mesmerizing volcanoes (61 dormant or extinct and 6 active), white sand and black sand beaches (with great diving and surfing), stunning river valleys and lots of opportunities for adventure.

Costa Rica is home to the original canopy tour that lets you explore the diversity of the canopy while coming close to experiencing what it is like for a monkey travelling in the treetops. If zip lining doesn’t float your boat then perhaps white water rafting will or maybe kayaking or cliff diving. If it is adventure and activity you are looking for, you will find it in Costa Rica and if it’s a beach you want with a few activities, well then Costa Rica has you covered there too.

Pura Vida!

About the Author

Rhian Torontow is a Family Travel Consultant with Magical Family Adventures. Rhian creates travel experiences that foster connections in your family that will last a lifetime and transforms your children into open-minded, flexible, well-travelled people. During Rhian’s childhood, her father travelled for work constantly and it was always travel that brought her family back together. You can follow Rhian on Facebook at, Instagram @MagicalFamilyAdventures and you can also connect with her on LinkedIn