First off, I just want to thank everyone who offered suggestions to my last post to help with Molson’s separation anxiety. There were a lot of great ideas but the one that no one mentioned was the one that actually worked!

All the experts say to keep puppies in confined spaces, and that puppies won’t soil in their crates, but if Molson’s parents would have listened to the experts they would have never arrived at the solution that worked for their puppy; which was to give him freedom!

This reminded me about the importance of ‘thinking outside the box’ in life.  Let me explain what I mean by telling you about an article I was reading the other day, where the person being interviewed came up with this amazing response to an interesting situation.

The set up was that there are 3 people waiting at the bus stop; an older person in health distress, a childhood friend who saved your life when you were younger, and the person of your dreams. You are driving by and can only pick up one person. Who do you choose?

Most people would have chosen the obvious, and helped the person who was having a health crisis but this person came up with a great solution that made everyone a winner.

Their answer? “I would give my keys to my childhood friend so that they could take the older person to the hospital and I would wait with the love of my life.”

Isn’t that a great response? It’s a solution that works for everyone in the hypothetical situation!

You see, so many times we decide to follow and do what the so called “experts” tell us.

Imagine if every once in a while we get off the beaten path and blaze our own trail…

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Corry Hamilton is the owner of Taking The Lead ( — a pet care business that focuses on pet nutrition and well-being. Like many entrepreneurs, her journey towards creating a business of her own wasn't a straight path, but she believes that no matter what life throws at you, you can always pick yourself up and move on. You never know where it may take you and make all your dreams come true. You can check out what Corry is up to on Facebook: and Twitter: