Okay, so I picked up the book because it was glittery. (I now know this is an option for MY book, how amazing!) It was glittery and promised me “The Daring Female’s Guide to Ecstatic Living” which is highly appealing to me. (Especially because I don’t associate the word “daring” with myself… I sit in the background and play everything cool until I jump in… Okay, so I don’t ever really jump in either, I kind of waddle in.)


The type of daring in this book is not the daring I expected, but made me even more so want to live up to the “daring” status. There is a dare for everyday of the month but of course, me being the eager and slightly OCD person that I am, had to read it all at once. And take notes.

This book made me excited- I CAN be daring! Daring takes on many forms and I encourage you all (female or male) to read this book and get excited too. For now I will leave you with my favourite dares.

Dare to learn something new every day: As you may have gathered from all of my Newsfeeds, I am a huge nerd and love to learn new things. So this task was fairly straight-forward to me. I would finally go online and learn about antiques so that I can sell them for a wack of cash. I am still stuck in the internet trying to understand why certain ugly mugs are worth more than the pretty ones and also who this Royal Albert and Royal Doulton were? (And also thinking I should do something cool like my great-grandmother and collect stuff. Although, maybe not 30 boxes worth of salt and pepper shakers, that’s kind of…. OCD? Coincidence in my family genes?)

Dare to do something you don’t think you’re good at once in a while: I contemplated getting out the violin again for this but for the sake of everyone’s hearing I opted to postpone this dare.

Dare to learn how to do something amazingly well and show it off: I don’t do “amazingly well”. I mean, I do well but “amazingly well”? Hmm. For this task I watched and re-watched numerous times a YouTube video on how to make pocket size scrapbooks…because doesn’t everyone need one of these? The answer is yes, so I made my entire team at work their own pocket scrapbook and it was amazingly well because who is going to try to outdo a pocket scrapbook? Aha!

Dare to laugh at yourself: I think I do a good job of this in every dare but it’s super important because if I don’t laugh at myself I tend to cry and throw things. (And subsequently wonder how I managed to get sweet potato all over the window of the kitchen….oh right, that spoon…)

So Durham, I double dare you to try one of aforementioned dares, or to come up with your own that gets you outside of your box but leaves you feeling ecstatic!

About the Author

Tara is a wellness Newsfeedger for the Local Biz Magazine who is in the process of writing her memoir on finding hope and meaning while living with a mental illness. Tara loves the concepts of positive psychology, incorporating them into every aspect of her life and spreading the message on the science of well-being.