More and more airlines are cracking down on their carry-on baggage policy. Passengers will no longer be able to board a plane with more carry-on items than they are allowed and that are also too big or heavy.

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This crackdown will lead to more flights leaving on time, as it will take less time for everyone to board, and also more room to store the carry-on items that are permitted. To ensure that you are compliant, the easiest way is to budget to pay for a checked bag. You also need to make sure that you are following these savvy packing tips so that you don’t need to take more bags than you really need.

Create a packing list

Avoid throwing in items ‘just in case’ by creating a packing list that takes into account your destination’s climate and the activities you will be doing. Then, stick to it!

Cut down on your shoes

These are the bulkiest and heaviest items, so take just a couple pairs that are versatile.

Mix and match

The easiest way to mix and match your clothes is to stick to a colour scheme.

By following these simple tips you will either be able to fit everything in your carry-on and still have it comply with the airline’s policy, or you will have less bags to check.

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