Sometimes in our busy lives we don’t get enough sleep.

Shocking, I know!

I always found that I was tired when I went back to school. Getting back into the routine of going to bed at a certain time, and worse, getting up at a certain time made me tired for the first couple weeks of school.

This exhaustion can, and usually does, result in shadows beneath your eyes. How to properly cover these dark shadows is something I get asked about a lot. Apparently a lot of us are tired! Most of the time people try using a concealer that’s a shade or two lighter than their skin, but that just highlights the shadows. A tip is to first colour correct the darkness by using a peachy/salmon concealer, and then you can use your foundation or concealer over that to blend it into your skin. Peach and salmon colours (think a cross between orange and pink) is across from blue on the colour wheel. That means you’re cancelling or neutralizing the blue tones under your eyes, and essentially starting from scratch. It’ll look crazy at first but stick with it, and once you put your concealer or foundation on top, it’ll really help!

Another way to wake up your face is to use a light shimmery eyeshadow or highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes. It really opens up that dark area of your face.

Of course you should really try to get enough sleep. That really is the best thing to prevent looking tired. Drinking water helps a lot as well. Water is amazing for your skin. It plumps it up and keeps it moisturized from the inside. Try to drink the recommended amount every day to keep your skin at its best!

If you’re not a huge makeup junkie like I am, and you don’t struggle with under-eye circles, then you might not want to wear a bunch of makeup every day. If this is the case and you’re looking for just the basics for back to school, I suggest using a lash curler and a coat of mascara because that alone can open your eyes and make you look more put together. Combine that with a tinted lip gloss or balm and you can call it a day!

Tip: if you’re going back to school and you’re on the younger side, or just don’t want to spend a lot, the photo I included with this post is of a really inexpensive mascara and lip gloss that you can find at Shoppers Drug Mart for about $10 for both! The lip glosses are my all-time favourite glosses, and the mascara is my new favourite drug store mascara.

Until next time beauties, enjoy your first week of school!

About the Author

Tina Michelle is a freelance makeup artist in Oshawa, Ontario. She loves to help others feel better about themselves by teaching them to use makeup as a tool at their disposal to bring their best face forward. She never wants you to feel like makeup is something that you have use to cover yourself up so you are considered pretty. You already are beautiful! Tina hopes to help you discover that makeup is fun and can be playful, and doesn’t have to be another chore on a to-do list. You can find her on Facebook here: ( or Twitter ( or Instagram: (