Hey everyone! My name is Tina and I am a 27 year old makeup artist. About five years ago I was trying to figure out how I could use my love of art and turn that into a career. I happened upon makeup when I was watching makeup artists online and wondering/wishing I could do that too. A few people in my life told me to go for it. I started doing makeup on people around me and eventually got paid for one. From then on, I was a freelancer!

I try to be the best self-taught artist I could be. I read every makeup book I can get my hands on; I keep up with the best artists in the media to learn any little trick they might reveal, and I learn a lot from other artists on YouTube. I’m always looking to grow in my art, and I’m always pushing myself to better my technique. A huge part of this is practice, as well as trial and error. Along the way I’ve gotten really into special effects makeup, and also face painting. Branching into those areas helps me be a more well-rounded makeup artist I think, as I’m always doing something new and exciting. It keeps me on my toes!

All of this research helps me learn tips and tricks that I enjoy passing onto my clients. Part of being a makeup artist is answering the thousand and one questions each client has about which products are best for what and how to do such and such. I use my Facebook page to talk to my clients about their beauty questions, and occasionally make a video tutorial if I can’t explain something well though writing. I love talking about beauty and sharing what neat little tricks can enhance which features, and explaining why products and tools do what they do.

I hope to impart some of these tips and tricks to you in this Newsfeed, and I hope you take something away from it you might not have already known! Every month I’ll answer a couple of questions that I frequently get, that you may be wondering about as well. I know personally when I learn a new beauty technique and I love the results, I’ll feel really confident in how I look. Knowing I rocked that one little thing puts a little more pep in my step and makes me feel like I can take on the world that day. Sometimes it’s the little things in life.

Until next time beautiful people.

About the Author

Tina Michelle is a freelance makeup artist in Oshawa, Ontario. She loves to help others feel better about themselves by teaching them to use makeup as a tool at their disposal to bring their best face forward. She never wants you to feel like makeup is something that you have use to cover yourself up so you are considered pretty. You already are beautiful! Tina hopes to help you discover that makeup is fun and can be playful, and doesn’t have to be another chore on a to-do list. You can find her on Facebook here: (www.Facebook.com/MakeupByTinaMichelle/) or Twitter (www.twitter.com/MakeupByTinaM.com/) or Instagram: (www.twww.instagram.com/MakeupByTinaMichelle/)