New Year, new you? It’s hard to say you will be a completely different person from 11:59pm on December 31st and 12:00am on January 1st; but a New Year is the perfect time to start changing bad habits, picking up new hobbies, and trying to become the person you regret you weren’t in 2015 and would like to see yourself as at the end of 2016.

Here are a couple of apps which will keep you on track through 2016:


Other Platforms: Android/iOS
Price: FREE

Habitica is a fun and simple way of turning habit changing into a game and less of a chore. After signing up on their website or through the mobile app, you are given a character or avatar which you can customize. You are able to add habits, daily tasks and to-do lists; successfully completing habits and tasks will give your character experience to make your character stronger and coins; while failing to fulfill habits or tasks will cause your character to lose health. You can use coins to buy rewards. You can make your own rewards, such as a 15 minute break, that small slice of cake you’ve been craving for, or treating yourself to a movie. You can also use coins for pre-made rewards such as armor and weapons for your character before battling monsters. You can even invite friends to start a party to keep one another motivated in completing habit changes. This game literally turns habit changing into a role-playing game; which is nice considering you are spending less time thinking about the habit being changed and more time trying to become successful within the game. I think this app is amazing for anyone who wants to make a change in themselves in 2016 and also loves games and challenges.



Platforms: Android/iOS
Price: FREE

Habitbull is productivity tool used for habit tracking. You can list all of your habits which you are trying to improve and keep track of your success in completing them daily through a success chain. Whether you are trying to break bad habits, like eating unhealthy, or start new habits like meditating; Habitbull is great for you. It tracks your success streak in bar graphs and tables while also motivating you by sharing motivational quotes. There is also a discussion forum to help you get in touch with others who are succeeding or struggling right beside you to motivate you to continue. You can also add reminders and notes. This app is amazing for anyone who loves lists and checking boxes off to feel successful.

I challenge you all to try one these apps for 2016 and see how far you have come at the end of the year. Change is hard, but better habits lead for a better lifestyle. I hope visit their websites and give them a try!

Happy New Year!

About the Author

Jennifer Liwanag is a fourth year Legal Studies student minoring in Communications & Digital Media Studies at the University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology. While her childhood dream has been to pursue law, she has an undying love for writing, creativity, discovering new gadgets and learning new software. You can keep up to date with her digital and creative lifestyle on her personal Newsfeed ( where she shares her new favourite gadgets and crafty projects.