Welcome to 2016! I hope you had a great holiday season filled with love and laughter.

If you are making New Year’s resolutions, I would recommend adding makeup removal to the list. I know it’s not the most exciting resolution but please make sure you take off your makeup every single night! Leaving your makeup on is bad for your skin – it speeds up aging. If you haven’t already found a makeup remover you love then I suggest makeup remover wipes because they make it very quick and easy. I love the Kirkland brand ones at Costco and highly recommend them.

Coming into this new year, I like to look at my current makeup look and switch it up. Many people tend to wear the same look every day. You find your go-to beauty regimen and you stick with it. As we come into a new year why don’t you try out a new shade, or even a different finish? If you usually wear glossy lips, give matte a try. If you love matte shadows, try a shimmer or satin.

If you’re looking for a new colour to try, Sephora+Pantone Universe has two Colour of the Year shades for 2016. Rose Quartz is a beautiful pastel pink, and Serenity is a stunning light blue. They have a palette with both shades as well as other modern takes on watercolour inspired colours. They also have lipsticks in both shades.

I hope you try something a little different as we go into 2016. Even if you go back to your trusty daily look, at least you went out of your comfort zone and tried something out.

I hope this year brings a lot of happiness your way and you achieve everything you want to. Happy new year!

About the Author

Tina Michelle is a freelance makeup artist in Oshawa, Ontario. She loves to help others feel better about themselves by teaching them to use makeup as a tool at their disposal to bring their best face forward. She never wants you to feel like makeup is something that you have use to cover yourself up so you are considered pretty. You already are beautiful! Tina hopes to help you discover that makeup is fun and can be playful, and doesn’t have to be another chore on a to-do list. You can find her on Facebook here: (www.Facebook.com/MakeupByTinaMichelle/) or Twitter (www.twitter.com/MakeupByTinaM.com/) or Instagram: (www.twww.instagram.com/MakeupByTinaMichelle/)