2016 is a great year with so many movies coming out! Whether you’re excited for your comic book favorites like Deadpool, Captain America: Civil War, Batman vs. Superman or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Family Friendly movies like Zootopia, Alice Through the Looking Glass or Kung Fu Panda 2; or many of the other highly anticipated movies like Sherlock: The Abominable Bride or Fifty Shades of Black there is bound to be a movie releasing this year that you are super excited to see. Unfortunately, because of online streaming, later DVD releases and later online digital movie releases on mobile devices, people are skipping out on the movie experience.

I personally love going to the movies. If I’m really excited for a movie, I’m even willing to pay a little extra to see the movie on premier night. I know some of you are thinking, “Why would you ever spend extra money to see a movie in theatres with a bunch of loud strangers and the smell of stale popcorn in uncomfortable seats?” Because, in my opinion, with advances in technology, the movie experience just keeps getting better and better! Here are some of the new additions to the movie experience:

Reserving Your Tickets

At many theatres, you can now pre-order your tickets online. No more waiting in long lines, fearing you’ll miss your movie time! All you have to do is print them yourself or at a Kiosk in the theatre—and off to your seats you go! Don’t like using your credit card online? No worries, you can also order your tickets at one of the self-serve Kiosk machines at the theatre without having to wait in line.

VIP Experience

Cineplex offers a VIP experience at certain locations for those ages 19+. In this adult environment, you get comfortable reclining chairs, waiters serving you some of the classic movie snacks or meals from their special VIP menu to your seat; and alcohol is served. There is also a VIP lounge where you can enjoy a nice meal before or after the show. On Wednesdays, they even have a Hump Date special where you get Dinner and a Movie for Two for $50.

For VIP Locations, visit: http://cineplex.com/Theatres/VIP


After great sound and image have been added to the movie experience, now comes D-BOX! Remember the 4D Spongebob ride at Canada’s Wonderland several years ago? With 3D picture and your seat moves with the action of what is on the screen? Now you can have a similar experience with some of your favourite movies at selected Cineplex locations. This experience obviously is not for everyone—and the warnings can be found on their website—but for those who are able to experience D-Box, I’d highly recommend it because it takes movie watching to a whole other level!

More Info on D-Box, visit: http://cineplex.com/Theatres/D-Box


One of the best parts about the movie experience has always been the trailers and commercials. Now, in addition to those, there is a game implemented at several locations called Timeplay where you can chance to battle against others in the theatre via smartphone on movie trivia. The winners usually win free pizza, sponsored items (for example, I remember someone winning Maybelline Mascara), Scene points, and many other awesome prizes!

Learn more about Timeplay, visit: http://cineplex.com/Promos/TimePlay

Child Friendly Environment

In many theatres, they provide a special time in the morning for parents or caregivers to bring young children to the movies. This environment is filled with many other parents or caregivers with children who come to enjoy the movie as well with the understanding that the children may be fussy or may not sit through the whole movie. There is also lowered volume, dimmed lighting, stroller parking, change tables and discounts at select locations.

Learn more from Cineplex, visit: http://www.cineplex.com/Theatres/StarsAndStrollers
Learn more from Landmark Theatres, visit: http://www.landmarkcinemas.com/whitby


These are just some of the few awesome additions to the movie experiences. Whether you are going as a family outing or a fun date night, you’re bound to have a great time trying these new experiences out!

About the Author

Jennifer Liwanag is a fourth year Legal Studies student minoring in Communications & Digital Media Studies at the University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology. While her childhood dream has been to pursue law, she has an undying love for writing, creativity, discovering new gadgets and learning new software. You can keep up to date with her digital and creative lifestyle on her personal Newsfeed (www.jennibearrxo.com/) where she shares her new favourite gadgets and crafty projects.