A friend of mine posted a video message from entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk called, “So you turned 50.” That number is looming in front of me and like many people I’m dreading it, fighting it, and looking at every birthday as yet another moment closer to lamenting all the “should haves” and “could haves” in my life. But through this video, Gary reminded us that because of medical advances and how well we take care of ourselves, the average person can, and will live well over 100 years.

Okay, this woke me up. As I sat thinking, “If only I had moved to LA in my 20’s”, or “I’m too old to start a career in producing and show running”, I am faced with the fact that I may have another 50 years on this planet. What this means is, WE GET A DO OVER! This playground term has saved more face and appeased more tears than any other interpersonal declaration. False starts, disagreements, miscommunication, it was all shaken off with the simple cry: “Do over” and we all did just that…we tried again and the second outcome was usually more satisfying and fair for all.

This is amazing, and not only because our do-over doesn’t involve starting out fresh, with the toilet training and waiting desperately until we were old enough to do anything, we actually get to make grown-up, well thought out, non-hormonally driven choices TODAY! Instead of bemoaning, “If only I knew then what I know now”, take yourself up on all the knowledge, wisdom, and mistakes of the past that you’ve collected and say, “Hey, I know more now and therefore can make better choices this second time around!” If you lived your first 50 years and are now at the point of realizing you didn’t save enough for retirement, or never fulfilled that dream, or goal, well, congrats, you have 50 more years, or at least 30 great years to achieve this. 30 years is an ocean of time to an adult: no puberty, no building credit, no awkward gawky faze, just put the foot to the accelerator and go. I’m dusting off my dreams I hope you will too.

About the Author

Stephanie Herrera is a comedian, writer, producer, teacher, singer, actor, mother of 4, and shallow philosopher. She runs the Durham Improv & Acting Studio in Oshawa, Canada, is a professor at Durham and Fleming Colleges, and is an award winning performer.  www.durhamimprov.com / www.stephanieherrera.com / info@durhamimprov.com / (647) 899-3342  Durham Improv Group and Business pages can be found on Facebook and follow @durhamimprov & @antimommy