Beach season is here!

I know some people prefer to not wear any makeup at the beach or pool, while others like to be fully made up. I thought I’d give you some tips for in the middle of those two.

If you’re spending time outside, give some thought to a primer, BB cream, foundation, tinted moisturizer, or whichever you prefer, that has some SPF in it. I know some sunscreens cause people to break out, so try a product meant specifically for faces, or a makeup product with SPF. Something water-resistant is helpful if you’ll be swimming. Regardless of if you want no coverage or full coverage, there’ll be a product that will have what you’re looking for.

For your eyes, try a waterproof mascara. I like using Hard Candy’s waterproof mascara top coat. You can use it over any mascara! You can keep it as basic as that or add a pop of colour with a waterproof liner. Using a colourful liner will have a high impact with little effort. I like using an aqua colour in my waterline and smudging it along my lower lash line. Urban Decay 24/7 liners are my favourite. Fill in your brows using a brow wax or something similar so it won’t come right off. The ELF eyebrow kits have a waxy brow product and a powder. The powder will wear off but waxy products last a bit longer. Try setting the wax with the powder to hold them on as long as possible!

Lips require SPF too! There are a ton of lip balms that have SPF and are tinted. Plus, it’s easy to reapply as it wears off and doesn’t really require a mirror. Take your pick of your favourite – there are tons! Another option is to apply your face product onto your lips as well, and after your sunscreen/face product has sunk into your lips, use a long wearing liquid lipstick. It might not be completely waterproof but it’s going to last longer than a lipstick. I love NYX’s Lip Lingeries and Liquid Suedes.

You could also add bronzer, blush, highlight, eyeshadow, etc. Or, you could just do sunscreen and that’s it. But if you’re looking for something that’s a little more put together for your beach Instagram photos and don’t want to be super done up, I hope this helps!

About the Author

Tina Michelle is a freelance makeup artist in Oshawa, Ontario. She loves to help others feel better about themselves by teaching them to use makeup as a tool at their disposal to bring their best face forward. She never wants you to feel like makeup is something that you have use to cover yourself up so you are considered pretty. You already are beautiful! Tina hopes to help you discover that makeup is fun and can be playful, and doesn’t have to be another chore on a to-do list. You can find her on Facebook here: ( or Twitter ( or Instagram: (