And then, it was over. That unbearably hot summer has shifted to the cool mornings where I’m forcing my kids to wear sweatshirts on their way to school, as they protest, shivering, “I’m f-f-f-ine!”

I am now in a quiet and peaceful house and suddenly it hits me, I don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done! Can someone in the scientific community tell me how I had four children at home all summer and managed to take courses, get major surgery, continue shows and voice over gigs, teach, and get out to family events, and now, that they are out of the house, I can’t get every thing done in time??

I’m here, at noon, still in pjs, not even a sip of coffee, hours into e-mails, and lists, and my biggest fear is, “Will I have time to get groceries today?!”

How is it that I can get more accomplished with more responsibility (literally pulling at my pant leg), than when I’m on my own? I’m sure there is some kind of theory, some equation that shows: Having a source of depleting energy (kids) + Lack of sleep = more productivity in opposition to: Internal output (me on my own) + 6 hours = didn’t get squat done that I said I would.

While the areas that I’ve organized for the Durham Region Film Festival, the classes I’m taking, the writing I’m doing, the not-for-profit company I’m running, the classes I’m teaching, the networking and TIFF parties I’m attending, are all running smoothly, the laundry is still not folded, the fridge is empty and my daughter’s birthday invitations have yet to be printed up and sent out.

And so, my friends, this Newsfeed will be super short as this super mom is determined to get in the shower, get some groceries, buy some crickets for the pet geckos, and attempt to get to the bank and be ready for the next round of TIFF parties, before the dreaded bell rings and my kids burst in exclaiming, “Mom, have you been on that computer all day again?!”

About the Author

Stephanie Herrera is a comedian, writer, producer, teacher, singer, actor, mother of 4, and shallow philosopher. She runs the Durham Improv & Acting Studio in Oshawa, Canada, is a professor at Durham and Fleming Colleges, and is an award winning performer. / / / (647) 899-3342  Durham Improv Group and Business pages can be found on Facebook and follow @durhamimprov & @antimommy