New Zealand is a compact country that really packs a punch. Incredible untouched landscapes, unique indigenous culture, world-class food and wine and extraordinary geothermal attractions makes New Zealand a ‘must-visit’ country even for the well-travelled.

When you think of glaciers, New Zealand may not be the first country that pops into your head but there are some spectacular glaciers to visit here. You’ll be treated to a very unique experience as the Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers flow almost to sea level from the Southern Alps and descend past green rainforest. Imagine looking at a lush, emerald green rainforest as you stand on an ancient glacier. You can explore the glaciers by hiking, helicopter or by boat at the Tasman Glacier’s terminal lake and come face to face with icebergs as you learn more about the glacier.

New Zealand, which consists of 2 main islands and many smaller islands, sits on 2 tectonic plates. The North Island and parts of the South Island sit on the Australian Plate, but the rest of the South Island sits on the Pacific Plate. Thanks to the activity of these 2 tectonic plates, New Zealand boasts some incredible geothermal areas and relaxing hot springs. Head to Rotorua for a range of geothermal attractions including the Pohutu Geyser, colourful hot lakes, mud baths and natural hot streams. Rotorua is also the place to be if you want to learn more about the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand. Experience the haka (if you’re a rugby fan then you’re likely familiar with this war dance!) and find out how they use the geothermal waters to cook.

Of course while you are visiting New Zealand you will need to eat and drink. Thankfully, New Zealand is a paradise for foodies. Check out the wine trails where you can be chauffeur driven or perhaps you prefer to cycle through the vineyards. With over 15,000km of coastline, you can bet that they have great seafood including crayfish, Bluff oysters and greenshell mussels. To experience a truly local dish, you’ll want to indulge in a Maori hangi, also known as a roast dinner. You’ll be in for a treat as the dinner is cooked in the earth using hot rocks and you’ll get to enjoy the delicious smoky flavours. Beer lovers do not fear because microbreweries can be found all over New Zealand including Southfarthing Ale that is brewed at the Hobbiton Movie Set.

Speaking of the Hobbiton Movie Set, New Zealand is known for its spectacular scenery and perhaps the most dramatic scenery is located at Fiordland National Park. Breathtaking waterfalls, stunning fiords and spectacular snow-capped mountains are found in abundance in this area. No wonder filmmakers flock to New Zealand.

Experience countless breathtaking moments with a trip to New Zealand and take advantage of the diverse landscape and activities all located in a small country.

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