Month: December 2016

How To Be Kinder to You in 2017

posted Friday, December 30, 2016

by: in Mental Health / Self-Help

Are you hard on yourself? Me too. I was a terribly sensitive child (oh, how I have come to hate the word ‘sensitive’!) right from the get-go, seemingly doomed to a life consumed with self-hatred and setting unrelenting, unattainable standards for myself. My parents parenting skills were not lacking, it’s just that their comforting methods […]

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Holiday Travel Gift Guide

posted Monday, December 19, 2016

by: in Travel

Do you have avid travellers in your life and are stuck on what to buy them? With less than a week until Christmas, read through my gift guide for some ideas and inspiration. Tilley Hat I first heard about Tilley hats in a gift guide in the paper 7 years ago! While a Tilley hat is […]

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