Instagram has become one of the top engaging social media platforms within the last couple of years. And, who can blame everyone for loving it? You can share memories, promote products, and engage with your followers on a different level in comparison to Facebook and Twitter. It’s awesome! As a brand, if you are not already on Instagram, and your target market is mostly youth and young adults, you need to get right on it!

But you may ask where do I start?

Here are 3 Apps to really step up your Instagram Game! Want to hear the best part? They are ALL free for Android and Apple Devices!

VSCO | This app is a perfect app for filters. Because, who in this day and age doesn’t love filters?! The default Instagram Filters just don’t cut it, nowadays. If you really want to step up your game, check out some of the awesome filters on VSCO to create really eye-catching photos!

SnapSeed | This is the perfect app for editing photos. Right now, Flatlay photos, especially for promoting products, are very popular. I find, from my experience, my flatlay photos with white backgrounds get the most engagement. What is a Flatlay? It is exactly as it sounds: a photo from a bird’s eye view with the products you are promoting laying flat on a surface. Use SnapSeed to really make the white background stand out. I find, when taking flatlays, sometimes, depending on the lighting, the white background may have a yellow or blue hue. To eliminate that, and ensure it is a WHITE background, SnapSeed is your saviour!

UNUM | This is the perfect app for scheduling your photos on Instagram and making sure all of your photos look cohesive with one another. Having a “theme” is very popular on Instagram right now, as well. If your photos all follow the same theme, a lot more people are likely to follow and engage with you. UNUM is great for laying out your pre-edited photos and seeing what other photos should be posted before posting them live. This is an amazing way to make sure your theme is always on point!

Is your brand on Instagram yet? What are some awesome apps you’d recommend for other Instagram promoters?

About the Author

Jennifer Liwanag is a fourth year Legal Studies student minoring in Communications & Digital Media Studies at the University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology. While her childhood dream has been to pursue law, she has an undying love for writing, creativity, discovering new gadgets and learning new software. You can keep up to date with her digital and creative lifestyle on her personal Newsfeed ( where she shares her new favourite gadgets and crafty projects.