You’ve probably heard it on the news and every social media outlet by now…  Stephen King’s remake of the movie IT plays in movie theatres tomorrow! The popular movie is based on his 1986 novel of the same name, tells the story of children in Maine who are tormented by an evil clown named Pennywise.

Durham’s very own Oshawa gets to be part of the buzz, as part of the movie was filmed a year ago (August 17-19, 2016) in a haunted house built at James Street and Eulalie Avenue. Scenes were also shot on Court and Fisher Streets. Randy Morgan, location manager said locations were looked at all over Southern Ontario before Oshawa was picked. “We were looking for a residential neighbourhood that started to drift into industrial — and a vacant lot where we could build a house,” Morgan said. Naturally, the local filming attracted quite the crowd with!

It has raised some controversy in the past when the movie first came out. Some people say that it has given a bad rep to clowns and effected their business. Some go on to say that supporting the remake will only further perpetuate the problem that clowns already have faced since It first came out.  Regardless of your views on it, It is sure to be a hit at theatres and will be all the buzz for a while now.

So.. will you be watching It anytime soon?

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