The stockings are hung by the electric fireplace with care…and I can’t figure what the heck to put in those suckers! The kids all have a selection of main gifts, mostly high priced items, and now I’m looking at those darn stockings and am struggling for some stocking stuffers that are meaningful but more importantly: are cheap and that will fit!
As they get older, there are more and more “useful” gifts, like funky socks but the regular go-to prizes are not working like they used to! Dollar store items are bulky, toothbrushes come free from the dentist with each cleaning, books get stuck in the neck of the stocking.
Small toys are just not as inexpensive as they used to be and as they grow, throwing in a Pokemon or a Shopkins pack isn’t going to cut it for much longer.
I would hate to think Santa would put in a gift card, and by the way, the kids are pretty much convinced I’m Santa anyway, even though I pointed out his handwriting looks more like my oldest’s (which threw them off for a few years).
The most stressful time of this holiday season is making sure each child gets what they want, the same amount, and something that makes them feel truly special. But man, does my credit card hurt right now!
My oldest son had a great suggestion: “Hey mom, why don’t we open all our gifts on the 23rd and then Christmas eve and Christmas morning can just be about spending time together?” I was so touched by this thoughtful and heart warming suggestion…or did he just find a way to get those presents sooner…I can’t tell!

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