When it comes to getting fit and healthy, most people tend to focus on New Year’s Resolutions or getting “swim suit ready”. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day doesn’t seem to get much attention when when it comes to fitness and exercise. But how does that old saying go, “couples who work out together, stay together”, or something like that. So why not spend this Valentine’s Day doing something you love, with your special one? It could be the perfect way to heat things up, giving added meaning to getting hot and sweaty!

Here are 5 workout ideas you can do together as a couple:

Go for a walk, hike or run together.

There’s no better way to build some inner heat than to spend some time outdoors. Bundle up nice and warm and choose your method of sweat. Whether you hold hands walking, discover a new hiking trail with breathtaking views, or even run a steady pace side by side, the fresh air and exercise endorphin will leave you feeling energized and ready for whatever else you have planned on that special day!

Hit the gym together for a partner workout.

While you might normally work out on your own, a partner planned workout is a great way to spend some time playfully getting fit together. Whether you’re throwing a medicine ball back and forth in between ab crunches, or using exercise bands to do some partner “squat and rows”, it’s the perfect way to get a little closer to your special someone. Just remember, eye contact, smiling and innocent flirting is a great way to set the mood for plans you might have later on!

Boost your mood and de-stress with a yoga class.

While a romantic dinner and movie might be a great go-to plan for the special day, you can’t really enjoy it if you’re all stressed out. That’s why I recommend setting yourself and partner up for the best de-stressor I know: a yoga class! The focus on the breath will help to melt all your worries away, freeing your mind to focus on what’s really important; love.

Get your heart racing with a spin class.

For the person who might be nervous about working out with that special someone, spin class is the ideal solution even if you’re at different fitness abilities. Since you are in charge of all of your own bike settings, no one ever really knows how hard or easy it is for you! During class, you’re constantly changing the settings so there’s ample opportunity work hard or take a break if you need it, and you’ll never feel like a wimp for changing the dial. But aside from that, it’s a wonderful way to experience a virtual ride through the mountains or a tropical paradise during our cold February weather.

Get hot and bothered with a Latin dance class.

Dancing is the ultimate Valentine’s Day exercise because you’ll literally have to put your arm around your partner or hold hands just to do it. Plus its a great way to increase your heart rate and have fun “exercising”. Think back to the movie “Dirty Dancing”. How romantic is that when your partner takes the lead and shows you the right steps? Even messing up the moves can be incredibly sexy and adorable if you don’t take it too seriously.

Whatever your plans are for this Valentine’s Day, always remember what’s really important. It’s not actually what you’re doing, the gift you’re giving or what plans you’ve made. It’s not actually about having to be in a relationship. The most important thing is spending time with those you love, regardless of whether it’s your partner, kids, parents, siblings or friends, love is really all that matters.

About the Author

Bianca Schaefer is a 360 Holistic Health who inspires a global community to take charge of their lives through nourishing their body, mind and spirit with delicious healthy foods, an active lifestyle and a mindset that believes anything is possible! Her mission is to help others realize their greatest potential and use their unique talents to be an inspiration to others. Find out more about Bianca on her personal website, www.BiancaSchaefer.com