I was dressed, my bag was packed and I was just about to step outside when the snow started. From out of nowhere a blizzard arrived and completely changed my plans for the day. There was no way I was going outside in what seemed like terrible driving conditions and cold temperatures. Is this really spring in Ontario? I had every excuse to just skip my workout. Every reason to have a “lazy day” at home. I had a free-pass to catch up on some binge-worthy TV and sip on a hot tea and no one could blame me for not driving to the gym. And yes – some days, that’s exactly what I do. But today was not supposed to be one of those days. Today I was motivated and really wanted to exercise! And sometimes when circumstances change, it doesn’t mean you have to abandon your plans. So, if you’re like me and driving in blistery conditions is not what you had in mind, here are five ways you can still work out or exercise in the comfort of your own home.

Body Weight Exercises

Doing body weight exercises like a lunge, squat, push ups or planks are a great way to build strength, endurance and build up a sweat. The great thing about doing these exercises is that you can modify them according to your own ability, flexibility and strength. These exercises may not seem fancy but there is a ton of variety you can incorporate even with just these four exercises. Changing the order, the number of repetitions, or even increasing the amount of time/duration you are doing them for is a great way to keep it interesting and challenging.

Video Workouts

Watch and do an exercise video whether it’s a DVD or online workout. You may need to dust off that old exercise DVD but sometimes it’s exactly what you should be doing to stay on track with your fitness goals. I have to admit, I have a ton of videos that I hardly ever use. But every once in a while, I discover real joy in pulling out one of those old workouts, especially if I haven’t done it in ages. You almost forget how hard it was or how much fun you had doing it. And if you’re a little more current with down-streaming, there are a ton of online workouts that are even free to choose from. Don’t think about it too much. Just try one out and if you don’t like it, move on to another one. The point is, you get your body moving. Once you do that, it’s easier to keep going.

Stretch, do Yoga or Pilates

Not everyone needs a full body, heavy training day. Sometimes when circumstances change your plans, it’s an opportunity to focus more on stretching or mind-body focused exercises such as yoga or Pilates. Keep in mind that not all forms of yoga or Pilates are the same. Some forms can be quite challenging and vigorous, while others can be on the more relaxing side. I encourage you to listen to your body and choose the type of modality you feel would best benefit you in terms of how you are feeling and your goals. If you’re unfamiliar with the kinds of stretches you could do, google and YouTube are great resources for finding just about anything.

Use your Home Gym (and weights)

This one is kind of a no-brainer to me, but if you have a home gym, use it! I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve met over the years that talk about their home gym but they’re not motivated to get on that treadmill or lift weights. A home gym does not have to be fancy and it’s okay if you don’t want to use it everyday but it can be super handy especially when you don’t want to leave the house!

Skype with a Personal Trainer

If you’re dying to work out and need some professional guidance or motivation, ask your trainer if they’ll do a Skype session with you. You may wonder does this really works, but having trained many of my clients through Skype, it really is just like an in-person workout. Plus, you can both literally be anywhere, in any time zone, providing it works for both of you. It’s personal, fun and can be just as challenging as having your trainer along side you.

Finally, don’t let the “laziness” set in because you can’t find the perfect replacement for your regular scheduled training. The most important thing to remember is to keep your body moving. Exercise is such a great way to relieve stress, improve mood and stay fit. Don’t let this “cold- weather, Ontario-Spring” de-rail you from getting ready for swimsuit season…I promise, it really IS just around the corner!

About the Author

Bianca Schaefer is a 360 Holistic Health who inspires a global community to take charge of their lives through nourishing their body, mind and spirit with delicious healthy foods, an active lifestyle and a mindset that believes anything is possible! Her mission is to help others realize their greatest potential and use their unique talents to be an inspiration to others. Find out more about Bianca on her personal website, www.BiancaSchaefer.com