I think that sweet little old ladies should be able to gripe occasionally. So here goes!

If I hear one more person say that something is “to die for” (such ‘that apple pie is to die for’ or ‘that purple dress is to die for’) I think I will scream.  Really? You would be willing to die for a piece of pie?  I know that I wouldn’t.

Other drivers!  I’m sure I’m not a perfect driver but I see things that are illegal and people get away with it. Some people make left or right hand turns into the wrong lane.  When you turn left, you should turn into the left lane and then signal and go into the right lane.  Just the opposite if you are turning right.  Out of curiosity, I looked up the penalty for an incorrect turn.  It’s a fine of around $150.00 and two demerit points.  Catching these drivers and fining them would add to town and city coffers!  Why do some people sit at a corner and wait until the light turns green and then put on their left hand turn signal?

I hardly ever go on Facebook, because of people who have to tell all about their doctor’s appointments and medical tests on Facebook.  I know I can unfriend these people, but some of them are real life friends.  The other Facebook thing that I hate is people who try to shove their political biases onto everyone.  Some of them post what is known as ‘fake news’ as though it is the gospel truth.  Some of what they are posting has already been shown to be false.  Do they think we are so dumb that we will believe it?

There are a lot of good things around as well.  My sister, myself, and some friends have different restaurants we like to go to.  It’s nice when the servers recognize you and remember food allergies that you have.  We go to a fish and chip place and the waitress knows we are going to have the senior special, and the pop we are going to have with it (different ones for each of us), so we don’t even have to order.  The same when a friend and I go to a breakfast restaurant in Oshawa.   The waitress knows what we want and even brings the takeout box for my dog’s leftover sausage.  The owner of our favourite Greek restaurant often brings a baklava for four of us to share at the end of the meal.

The first long weekend of the summer wasn’t the best weather wise.  As I have been retired for quite a few years, I often don’t realize when a long weekend is coming.  Happens to a lot of retirees!  I am glad for those who are working and will get an extra day off to spend with their family.  When I was young, our family went camping for the first time each summer on the May long weekend.  Some years we returned home burnt to a crisp.  There were other years when we heated rock on the fire, wrapped them in a towel and put them in our sleeping bags to warm them up before we crawled into them.

This morning, Suzie (my dog) and I went down to the Whitby beach for our first walk of the season.  It was nice down there.  All I had on was a light jacket and it was fine.  I think the water level might be up a bit, but nothing to stop us from walking by the lake.  There were just a few people down there and Suzie was the only dog.  That will be changing soon.  The water was doing what they call gently touching the shore.  It was so peaceful!

Have a wonderful spring and the start of what I hope will be a great summer!


About the Author

Linda Calder is a retired teacher. She likes to write and enjoys spending time with her family. She also enjoys going on cruises, taking pictures and scrapbooking.