Where has July gone? Not long ago we were celebrating Canada Day and the month stretched ahead of us. And now it’s over, which means we are half-way through summer.

Suzie and I managed a few walks down by the lake and then it got to be too hot, so we have been going to the Whitby Farmer’s Market each Wednesday morning instead. It has been great getting nice fresh vegetables. The tiny little potatoes were great, but they are finished as potatoes like to grow in the Spring. Nothing like little boiled potatoes (especially when you remember to throw in some fresh mint from the garden). I’ve also been enjoying the peas in their pods. They are a great snack, but I know they will be finished soon. However, there is much to look forward to.

One experiment that didn’t work in a few planters on my deck are wild flowers. I decided to try to grow some wild flowers for the bees and butterflies. I planted them early and put those little plastic covers over them to give them an early start. A couple from out of the box have grown, but not flowered. However, I’ve noticed bees and butterflies enjoying some of my annuals (especially the yellow petunias).

Fifty years since the first moon landing! I remember that we got together for parties to watch it on black and white televisions. From what I remember, we tried to find things like green cheese to eat. The party we went to, went well into the night. Quite few years earlier we had listened on a portable radio in the classroom to what I guess was an American satellite being launched. How quickly things changed in a short time. The moon landing was only sixty-five years after the Wright brother’s first flight. And less than seventy or eighty years after my Welsh grandfather sailed around the world on a sailing ship. Around forty years earlier, my Dad and his brothers would run outside to look when they heard a plane flying overhead.

The other evening my sister and a couple of good friends went to our favourite Greek restaurant for supper. Just after we sat down we were all given a glass of ouzo. Nice touch! I hope you have been enjoying the summer so far with family and friends. The best month of the year has begun, August when all the best people are born! 🙂

About the Author

Linda Calder is a retired teacher. She likes to write and enjoys spending time with her family. She also enjoys going on cruises, taking pictures and scrapbooking.