So where did July go? We just had Canada Day and now we’re into August and the home stretch of summer.

Things are looking up a bit with COVID19. Things are slowly opening up in Durham Region. For a month or so we have been able to get haircuts among other things. Stores are open. Patios at restaurants have been open for a while, but we haven’t been able to eat inside restaurants. Now in Stage 3 we will be able to dine at our favourite restaurants and sit down to eat. My sister, some friends, and I will be heading to the Greek Tycoon which is where we go as a group of four or five. I’m looking forward to breaded shrimp, because that hasn’t been part of the take-out menu. Hope you enjoy whichever place you select for your first outing.

I hope we, the citizens of Ontario and Canada, keep up the good work with fighting the virus. Some groups have been emulating the USA and adding to the spread of the virus. Is a firing squad a bit drastic for those people?

A lot of gardens are looking wonderful. A lot of people are sharing pictures on Facebook of some of the beautiful flowers they’ve grown this year! My planters on my deck are doing pretty well, but I have never seen as many weeds in them as I have this year. I like to go out early in the morning to pull out some weeds, but they are putting up a good fight. I tell people that when I pull out a weed I’m afraid a botanist will arrive and say, “You’ve just pulled out the last gobblydookal in the world”. It’s a good excuse not to weed.

I have been enjoying trying different recipes. Made a nice cabbage casserole the other day. Made monkey bars a few times. They are great because you only have to get one banana out of the freezer and you can freely scatter them with little chocolate chip.

I also purchased a smoker which is a nice addition to the deck. We have used it a few times with tasty results. I have ribs in the freezer ready for my birthday. I will also make twice baked potatoes which everyone enjoys. They are easy to make. Scrub the number of potatoes you need (do extra because they are usually very popular). Prick them a few times with sharp knife and cook them in the microwave until they are cooked. Let them cool. Cut them in half long ways and scoop out the potato leaving a thin shell. Mash the potatoes, add sour cream, a bit of softened cream cheese, chopped chives, some grated cheese (I like old), and some finely chopped onion. Mix it together until it is nice and smooth. Put it into the potato skins, top with some grated cheese and a few chives. Bake it in the oven or toaster oven until it’s hot and the skin has hardened a bit. Prepare for raves!

We are now into August when the best people are born (hint, hint). It’s usually a great month for holidays, a perfect month for a birthday barbecue, and usually, gardens all over are looking fantastic.

Enjoy the last unofficial month of summer with whatever part of your family you can spend time with.

About the Author

Linda Calder is a retired teacher. She likes to write and enjoys spending time with her family. She also enjoys going on cruises, taking pictures and scrapbooking.