Halloween maybe unofficially cancelled this year, do to the current pandemic, however two Pickering youth have come up with a fun idea that anyone can get involved with safely. Sam Demma and Dillon Mendes, founders of PickWaste, have been cleaning up trash in Pickering since they were high school students in 2017. After hosting around 200 community cleanups, PickWaste has filled nearly 2,000 bags of litter in Pickering.

The pair have come up with a family-friendly event that is also beneficial to the community. Kids still get to dress up, they can learn about the value of community and waste management, and best of all they still can get a bag full of candy, or something healthier, depending on the parents.

The idea is to get dressed up, then head out in your neighbourhood to fill a garbage bag with tossed trash. Those who take part can share their photos and litter collections on social media using the hashtag #TrickOrTrash.

The Reward? Candy of course….and also the satisfaction of knowing you did something great for your community. So round up your neighbours, mask up, and head out to do your part…six feet apart!

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