March is a kind of funny month. Most years winter isn’t over yet, but it’s the month when spring begins. This year we have had some cold, but a lot of mild weather as well. It teases us with a touch of warmth, but always the chance of some more cold and snow. In 1975 we had a huge snow storm on April 4 with lots of roads closed or impassable. It was when the metric system became our measurement of choice. I remember a comedian blaming the ‘new’ metric system for the big storm (probably the government that brought it in too!)

March came in like a lion this year with lots of wind. The month has a few days ‘of note’. March 15 is the famous ‘Ides of March’. On the first ‘Ides of March’. Julius Caesar had no idea that his friend Brutus was waiting for a chance to plunge a knife into his heart, and to give us a date to remember two centuries later.

Two days later, we celebrate the popular Saint Patrick’s Day, the patron Saint of Ireland. There are different ideas for where he was born. Some give his birth place as Wales. Others say Scotland, and Cumbria in North West England is also a popular choice. As Cumbia is the closest place to Scotland, that could account for both Cumbria and Scotland laying claim to him. I do have a couple of pictures I took in Wales of a church he built there in 432. As he was a person who spread Christianity in Ireland, it’s interesting that the anniversary of his death is a day for wild parties and a lot of drinking! I think that ‘the wearing of the green’ is celebrated by many all over the world. As my grandmother was born in Ireland, I can lay claim to being part Irish. I celebrated with corned beef and cabbage cooked in Guinness!

Two days later is the feast of Saint Joseph, the Father of Jesus and the patron Saint of Canada. He was chosen as the Patron Saint of Canada in 1624 by the first Recollect Franciscan missionaries. This was confirmed by Pope Urban VIII in 1637. A popular tradition for those who follow Saint Joseph is to bury a statue of him in the garden when they are trying to sell their house. I have heard of people who have had great success in selling their home after they did this.

As the month moves along, we reach the first day of spring. This is the day many of us look forward to. Heavy coats and boots can be hidden away for a few months. At schools, skipping ropes and bats, balls, and such appear at recess. Gardeners dream of flowers and vegetables filling their gardens and planters, while others look longingly at garden catalogues. I dream of the day when I can go to Vandermeers and wander among all of their colourful plants. it’s also the time of year that we can set out our garden furniture and start to enjoy the outdoors.

I think that no matter how old or young we are, we feel lighter when spring arrives. As the vaccines rolls out, I hope that this spring is the beginning of happier, more relaxed times for everyone.

About the Author

Linda Calder is a retired teacher. She likes to write and enjoys spending time with her family. She also enjoys going on cruises, taking pictures and scrapbooking.