It started when Mossify’s founder Lucas Picciolo worked a construction job. He was a machine operator and labourer for 39 houses in Pickering, Ont. and saw the extreme amount of wasted wood. Lucas said, “Tons and tons of perfectly good wood was thrown away on a weekly basis.”

With this LARGE problem in mind, Lucas decided to create a unique solution. He felt it was necessary to plant one tree for every order placed. Mossify launched in January 2020 and quickly was forced to stop due to COVID 19. Instead of waiting and doing nothing, Lucas made the decision to double down. He knew that with so many people cooped up indoors during the pandemic, it was the perfect time for house plants and bringing green inside.

Mossify officially relaunched on May 18, 2020 and since then it has been THRIVING. The company partnered with 50+ garden centres across North America, providing over 3,000 Bendable Moss Pole’s to people’s falling plants. “We have created a very welcoming plant community to help lift people’s spirits and lift their plants. We include very charming cards to help people accomplish their goals, we truly want you to grow with your plant babies! We are just here to support.” said Lucas, founder of Mossify.

The company can now proudly say it has planted 1200+ trees and has supported thousands of plants in North America — and the world— in under six months. Their best selling product, The Bendable Moss Pole, has been a plant person’s dream! They use 100% sustainably-farmed moss which essentially allows you to train your plants to grow where you want them to (almost like a bonsai tree).

Mossify is a brand for plant people, by plant people, and they truly bring the community together with their fun videos and touching Newsfeeds. This Canadian company is here to stay with plans to “Mossify” every garden centre in North America. “I think if everyone spent more time growing and caring for their plants, the world would be slightly less crazy than it is right now. It’s kind of like a mind-earth connection. You really respect plants after helping them grow. They set your mind free,” Lucas concluded.

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