More than a year has passed since COVID-19 raised its ugly head. It has dominated the news for so long. Hopefully as we receive the vaccine it will move further down the news list.

                Just a few little thoughts over the last year. It amused me after we were all supposed to be wearing masks when there was a news report about a robbery. The police description of the robbers mentioned that they were wearing masks. Could this even have been some of my mask wearing friends? We saw many acts of kindness. Restaurants cooked food and delivered it to front line workers. Food was collected. Musicians did concerts in the streets. So many people came through for others in so many ways. So many doctors were on airwaves giving advice and updates. When there was negativity, it seemed to come from politicians and such.

                Now is the time to enjoy spring with its ups and downs in temperature. Dreams of gardens are dancing in our heads. Garden Centres are open with their wonderful flowers in a wide array of colours. A garden full of home grown vegetables is beckoning us. I’ve moved my geraniums and chives back outside after a winter by the window.

                Have been to Vandermeers and as usual spent a small fortune. So many different sizes and colours of plants to chose from. How can one resist? Now comes the task of planting.

                As this month ends, I am busy planting flowers in the countless planters I have on my deck. I buy so many plants, but it often ends up I have to go and get more. Once they are in full bloom, it’s worth it.

                The Farmers Markets are now open so we can enjoy fresh veggies and fruit once again. I hope you are enjoying spring, looking forward to when the lock down is lifted. Happy spring into summer.

About the Author

Linda Calder is a retired teacher. She likes to write and enjoys spending time with her family. She also enjoys going on cruises, taking pictures and scrapbooking.