If you’ve spent a summer in Canada, then you know the powerful pull of a great Canadian staple: the patio. From private, tucked away nooks, to main street seats, waterfront vistas or a simple slice of shade, patios come in all shapes and sizes- to offer an amazing outdoor experience.

Durham Region is home to thirteen distinct and diverse downtown areas. The eclectic mix of patios in Durham Region will not disappoint, especially in our downtowns, where after-dinner strolls, sweet treats, and window shopping can round out a perfectly Canadian summer day.

There are so many amazing patios across Durham Region to visit. Explore the whole region in our Tourism directory! But for now, we’ve narrowed it down to 14 distinct Durham Region downtown dining experiences to create your summer patio bucket list.

1. Downtown Ajax: Drums and Flats

60 Randall Drive, Ajax
Visit the Drums and Flats website to view their menu and contact information.

Drums and Flats patio in downtown Ajax.

Source: Drums and Flats


2. Downtown Beaverton: Barney’s

24 Harbour Park Crescent, Beaverton
Visit the Barney’s Facebook page for more information.

Barney's restaurant patio in downtown Beaverton.

Source: Airbnb


3. Downtown Bowmanville: Starapples

77 King Street East, Bowmanville
Visit the Starapples website to view their menu and contact information.

Starapples patio in downtown Bowmanville.

Source: Starapples Facebook page


4. Downtown Brooklin: Corrado’s Restaurant and Bar

38 Baldwin Street, Brooklin
Visit the Corrado’s website to view their menu and contact information.

Corrado's patio in downtown Brooklin.

Source: Corrado’s Restaurant and Bar Facebook Page


5. Downtown Cannington: Holy Grounds Café and Eatery

Ok, you caught us. There isn’t a patio in Cannington, yet. But as Cannington had the largest increase in home searches in all of Canada, it most likely won’t be long before patio umbrellas start popping up.

In the meantime, go see what the fuss is for yourself and stop by Holy Grounds Café and Eatery. It’s so delicious, you won’t need to sit. Your food will be gone before you hit the sidewalk and then you’ll probably go back in for more. You’re welcome.

1 Cameron Street West, Cannington
Visit the Holy Grounds Facebook page for more information.

Holy Grounds exterior building in downtown Cannington.

Source: Durham Tourism


6. Downtown Newcastle: The Old Newcastle House Taps & Grill

119 King Avenue West, Newcastle
Visit The Old Newcastle House website to view their menu and contact information.

The Old Newcastle House patio in the Village of Newcastle.

Source: The Old Newcastle House Facebook page


7. Downtown Orono: The Firehall Bistro

5304 Main Street, Orono
Visit The Firehall Bistro Facebook page for more information.

The Firehall Bistro patio in downtown Orono.

Source: The Firehall Bistro Facebook page


8. Downtown Oshawa: Berry Hill Food Co.

82 King Street West, Oshawa
Visit the Berry Hill Food Co. website to view their menu and contact information.

Berry Hill patio in downtown Oshawa.

Source: Berry Hill Food Co. Facebook page


9. Pickering Nautical Village: PORT

1289 Wharf Street, Pickering
Visit the PORT website to view their menu and contact information.

The PORT restaurant patio in the Pickering Nautical Village.

Source: PORT


10. Pickering Village: Casa Verde

49 Old Kingston Road, Ajax
Visit the Casa Verde website to view their menu and contact information.

The Casa Verde patio in Pickering Village.

Source: Don Terry


11. Downtown Port Perry: The Piano Café

217 Queen Street, Port Perry
Visit the Piano Café website to view their menu and contact information.

The Piano Café patio in downtown Port Perry.

Source: The Piano Café


12. Downtown Sunderland: Roadside Country Diner

85-89 River Street, Sunderland
Visit the Roadside Country Diner Facebook page for more information.

The Country Roadside Diner patio in downtown Sunderland.

Source: Roadside Country Diner Facebook page


13. Downtown Uxbridge: Urban Pantry

4 Toronto Street North, Uxbridge
Visit the Urban Pantry website to view their menu and contact information.

Urban Pantry patio in downtown Uxbridge.

Source: Urban Pantry Facebook page


14. Downtown Whitby: The Pearson Pub

101 Mary Street West, Whitby
Visit The Pearson Pub website to view their menu and contact information.

The Pearson Pub patio in downtown Whitby.

Source: The Pearson Pub Facebook page


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