Last year, regional council approved two plans: the newly updated Regional Cycling Plan, and a new Paramedic Services Master Plan.

The updated Regional Cycling Plan identifies actions for creating a connected, safe and accessible region-wide cycling network. Developed in alignment with the Durham Transportation Master Plan, the Regional Cycling Plan considers the needs, ages, abilities and cycling trip preferences of those who live, work and play in Durham region.

Updates have been planned for the Primary Cycling Network, responding to changes in cycling activity, updating technical guidance and improving connections in the cycling network. There’s guidance for the development of a complete and comprehensive cycling strategy. Plus, there’s a renewed focus on delivering cycling facilities.

With a similar method of considering the ages, needs and abilities of Durham residents, the Paramedic Services Master Plan uses data and research to recommend paramedic solutions for Durham Region, while considering population and age projections for the next decade. The plan includes an increased number of full-time paramedics, additional fleet vehicles and increased operating hours to improve logistics efficiency and capacity requirements for a larger fleet.

These two plans are just a small slice of the vital strategies being drafted and approved at the region. Through this work, and lots of other work just like it, the region continues to set its sights on a better Durham for all.

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