The Waterfront Regeneration Trust has partnered with the Greenbelt Foundation and Uxbridge Active Transportation committee (UXACT) to connect the Greenbelt Route through downtown Uxbridge.

The proposed trail connection is part of a new initiative aimed at increasing access and interest in the Great Lakes waterfront through the creation of a new, expanded 3,600-km Great Lakes Waterfront Trail network.

The current trail bypasses Uxbridge, however the new proposed link would instead send the trail through downtown Uxbridge to connect to the Uxbridge Rail Trail at John McCutcheon Way. With the Ajax and Whitby routes it would create a loop of about 80 km, meaning it make for a great day trip to start at the lake, ride up and have lunch or do a bit of shopping, then ride back down and finish the loop. This new link connects the Greenbelt trail to the Rail Trail, providing a safe transportation method for cyclists.

The Waterfront Regeneration Trust will fund all the necessary signage, while the township would be responsible for mounting hardware and installation. Implementation is expected to be completed in spring or early summer 2022.

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