Many people have known someone who has been killed by a gun.

Lately it seems we can’t turn the news on without hearing about someone being shot. It’s all over the place, and not just in ‘seedy areas’ of Toronto. There have been several shootings in Durham Region, and police have confirmed gun shootings are on the rise. Recently, there was one in Cobourg which we would probably tend to think of as a safe place.

Many years ago, a friend from my youth was murdered by a criminal. He was a police officer at the time, and was set up and then run over by the killer in a pick up. He was thirty-three years old, and left behind a wife and three young sons. Our Mams worked together and that is how we met. Our families spent a lot of time together. I can remember going camping and sitting and talking into the night when everyone else had gone to bed. He was a month younger than me. I sometimes wonder if our families were hoping for a great romance. It didn’t happen. We were probably more like brother and sister.  The last time we saw him was at a friend’s wedding.  He was so happy because he had been accepted into the OPP.

Back in those days we didn’t have all sorts of news stations. In the morning when I woke up, I turned the radio on. I heard about a police man being killed in south western Ontario. When I heard his name, I had to wait to make sure I heard it right. Once I was sure, I phoned my parents. I didn’t want Dad to hear it on the news as he drove to work. His Mom was probably Mam’s best friend. He was her oldest son.

I guess that’s one of the reasons I hate guns. The only thing guns are intended for is to kill. Strict laws don’t prevent criminals from getting guns. As far as I know, hand guns aren’t manufactured in Canada. They seem to be smuggled in by the hundreds or thousands every year.  I heard recently that 85% of guns used in crime in Canada are smuggled in from the United States.

Recently, almost every time the news comes on, there has been another shooting. At one time they seemed to be confined to certain areas. Now they are all over the place, even crowded public spaces like malls. There are now more east of Toronto in what we thought of as safe areas, such as the robbery with a gun at the Oshawa Centre.

The governments needs to find better ways to stop guns from crossing the border . The safety of Canadians should be high on their priority list. I wonder if it ever will be. It seems that every week in the USA there is at least one mass shooting in public areas where people gather.

Sometimes I wonder if there is anywhere left where can totally feel safe again.

About the Author

Linda Calder is a retired teacher. She likes to write and enjoys spending time with her family. She also enjoys going on cruises, taking pictures and scrapbooking.