Clarington is installing four new pedestrian crossovers in Bowmanville to help improve community safety and promote active transportation. Work has now begun to install pedestrian crossovers at the following locations:

All roads will remain open during construction; however, pedestrian traffic may be rerouted temporarily when the concrete is installed. Access to private property will be maintained at all times. Construction at each location is expected to take approximately one week and will include:

  • Sidewalk and curb replacement
  • Sign installation
  • Push-button-activated flashing beacons powered by solar panels (Type C pedestrian crossovers only)
  • Pavement Markings
  • Tree trimming

What is a pedestrian crossover?

A pedestrian crossover is a designated crossing area that allows pedestrians to safely cross the road where vehicles must yield to the pedestrian. Pedestrian crossovers are identified by specific pavement markings and crossing signs. Some crossovers may include yellow rectangular rapid flashing beacons. The signs have a white background with an image of a pedestrian and the text “stop for pedestrians.” The pavement markings include a yield-to-pedestrian line, which is a series of white triangles, and a ‘ladder crosswalk,’ which alternates thick white lines and areas with no markings.

Pedestrians have the right of way at pedestrian crossovers. Drivers and cyclists must stop behind the yield line and wait until the pedestrian completely crosses the road before proceeding.

It is important that drivers, cyclists and pedestrians each know their role when approaching a pedestrian crossover. Check out the resources below or visit to learn more.

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