We Outside is a 10-week exploratory pilot program by the Womxn of Colour Durham Collective that offers recreational, educational and wellness activities geared toward racialized women, femmes and non-binary people (ages 16 to 29). The aim is to provide safer spaces for youth to talk about mental health and well-being, explore sports and recreation, and build peer-to-peer relationships to create a strong sense of community.

We Outside is unique as it functions as a sampler for those who would like to explore a variety of sports and recreational activities, with a special emphasis on providing access to those who have never been given the chance to do so due to systemic barriers. In addition, this program offers group conversations, fireside chats, and group challenges to build community rapport and combat harmful narratives around the lack of engagement of racialized people in these spaces.

Do you think your organization or business would be a great fit for the We Outside program? We Outside welcomes collaboration, partnership and sponsorship to ensure their programming meets the needs of our communities. To contact a member of their team about We Outside, email info@wocdurham.ca.

Learn more about how you can become involved with We Outside.

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