The other day, I saw a picture from Ukraine of dogs that had been left behind as their owners were forced to flee, or worse. The dogs were apparently hungry, but worse would be their sense of abandonment. Most of us who own pets usually spoil them. They don’t have to search for food. My heart broke for them. I wondered what was going to happen to them. If they could have been with their owners, they would have been a source of comfort for them.

I did a little bit of research and there are groups looking after abandoned dogs. I guess that many of them are fed, but is anyone loving them? They are a small part of the horrible attack on Ukraine.

When we see reports from various cities in Ukraine, we see the terrible ruins caused by an egomaniac. He has his own selfish wants and he doesn’t care who is suffering and dying because of him. From what we have been told, he got into power by murdering fellow citizens, so he obviously doesn’t care about the citizens of another country.

Poland opened its arms to the Ukrainians who were fleeing the attack on their country. They remembered what it was like for their country when they were attacked in WWII and no one would take them in. I think that they are bighearted and kind people.

The Ukrainian flower, the sunflower, has become a symbol for many people around the world. Some garden centres are offering them for sale. They also grow pretty easily from seeds. Their bright yellow colour is so cheerful. Like many people, I am planning on some for my garden.

The situation in Ukraine is so sad. Every day on the news we are bombarded with pictures of the destruction of many homes and beautiful buildings. Now Finland is being threatened if the join NATO. In a democratic country it’s hard to understand how one man has so much power. I wish I had a solution, but I don’t. I hope Ukraine and their determined leaders can overcome a tyrant in some way.

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