Month: December 2014

Starting something Old for the New Year

posted Monday, December 15, 2014

by: in Humour in Life and Business

With the four children now in full time school, it was time for this mama to get a full time job. But, man was it hard to find something! Being out of the workforce for over 10 years has made me a dinosaur and you would think starting up and running a company, like Durham […]

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Camping in December?!?

posted Friday, December 5, 2014

by: in From the Editor

What?? Camping in December? Who camps in December?? Well, there are some people who do camp during the winter months, and some people who I know might like to (for instance, my husband), but that’s just not my thing. And truth be told, I am really not “camping” in December, but it feels pretty close to it. You see, […]

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