Month: November 2015

Travel Traditions

posted Monday, November 30, 2015

by: in Travel

This time of year is full of family traditions such as when to decorate the Christmas tree, who gets to put the fairy on top, deciding on the menu for Christmas dinner, listening to Christmas carols when wrapping presents etc. Why not consider incorporating some family traditions into your travels? Chances are you probably have a […]

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WindReach Farms for the Holidays

posted Thursday, November 26, 2015

by: in Pet Talk

Are you looking for some family fun, a chance to enjoy the great outdoors and support an amazing cause? Then head out to WindReach Farms on December 12, 2015 for their Holly Jolly Jubilee. WindReach farms celebrated its silver anniversary this past October. It is the brainchild of Sandy Mitchell who wanted to give people […]

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An old dog and old tricks

posted Thursday, November 19, 2015

by: in Humour in Life and Business

I did something I said I would never do again…theatre. “But Stephanie”, you might say, “Didn’t you get a degree in Theatre?” Well the answer is yes, I’m still a strong believer that an actor needs to spend time on stage as this is the very root of acting. The skills you develop in memorization, […]

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Dedication to Medication

posted Friday, November 13, 2015

by: in Mental Health / Self-Help

I am being completely honest when I say that medications have saved my life before. At times when I was so sick with depression, and suicidal thoughts tempted me every day, the one thing that reliably got me out of this state was medication. Of course I used all of my skills I had learned […]

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Uxbridge Fantasy of Lights

posted Tuesday, November 10, 2015

by: in From the Editor

Christmas is almost here… My favourite part about Christmastime are the lights.  I love driving down a street at night and seeing the houses all lit up. There’s something really magical about it! So when I heard about the Uxbridge Fantasy of Lights, I  knew it’s something I would love to attend, and I knew I had to spread […]

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Holiday Parties Are Coming!

posted Monday, November 9, 2015

by: in Beauty / Makeup

November is now upon us! While the weather is a little warm at the moment, I have a feeling it’ll start to get cold soon, and with cold weather comes dry skin. Dry skin tends to be tricky to work with when applying makeup, so I want to share what I do to keep my […]

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Tis’ the Season… for online gift giving galore!

posted Wednesday, November 4, 2015

by: in Technology

Happy November! With Thanksgiving and Halloween behind us, retail stores seem to have transformed to a winter wonderland of gifts overnight. I got you covered for gift giving galore without even having to leave the comfort of your room. How you ask? ONLINE SHOPPING! I absolutely love online shopping! While there may be fear of […]

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Top 3 Reasons to Turn your Family Holiday into a Small Group

posted Sunday, November 1, 2015

by: in Travel

When you sit down to think about your next family holiday, once you’ve decided what kind of holiday you are looking for, take a moment to think about if there is anyone else who would like to go on the holiday with you. Are there any extended family members who you would like to take […]

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