Month: May 2016

Sexy Pinup Look

posted Tuesday, May 31, 2016

by: in Beauty / Makeup

This past weekend I did makeup for a 10th Anniversary/Vow Renewal. The bride wanted a classic pinup look with red lips and winged liner. Her dress was red with black lace overlay and it came together really nicely. I created this look to beat the heat of the day since it was a backyard vow […]

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My Top 4 Travel Apps for Planning An Amazing Summer Trip!

posted Thursday, May 19, 2016

by: in Technology

I’ve always been one for pre-planning. Not to say that pre-planning is bad–because it sure does get rid of my anxiety–but immediately after I finished my final exam for my third year of university last month, I already started planning a trip to Niagara Falls without even telling my boyfriend we were going away in the […]

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Summertime Tips

posted Friday, May 13, 2016

by: in Pet Talk

The weather has warmed up, and you and your dog are getting out more and enjoying the gorgeous weather. You always apply sunscreen before you leave the house, but should you apply to your pet? Cats should never have sunscreen applied but for dogs or horses, possibly if they are white or are very thin […]

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Makeup Questions and Answers!

posted Wednesday, May 4, 2016

by: in Beauty / Makeup

Instead of a typical Newsfeed post, I thought this month I’d answer a few questions I get asked a lot as a makeup artist. Q – How do I get rid of dark under-eye circles (I’ve tried concealer and it still is dark). A – The problem you can have with just applying a light […]

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Why Telling Your Kid “You’re Smart” Can Ruin Them

posted Monday, May 2, 2016

by: in Humour in Life and Business

If there is one thing parents try to instill in their kids it’s self confidence. Through encouragement and rewards. children are urged to try harder and to achieve more than those before them. One of the most common things that are uttered from a caretaker’s mouth is, “You’re smart” with nothing more than the desire […]

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