Month: June 2015

How Daring Are You?

posted Tuesday, June 30, 2015

by: in Mental Health / Self-Help

 Okay, so I picked up the book because it was glittery. (I now know this is an option for MY book, how amazing!) It was glittery and promised me “The Daring Female’s Guide to Ecstatic Living” which is highly appealing to me. (Especially because I don’t associate the word “daring” with myself… I sit in […]

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Check Yourself!

posted Wednesday, June 24, 2015

by: in Mental Health / Self-Help

I look in the mirror over twenty times a day. It’s not because I am particularly fond of the reflection staring back at me but rather this constant need to “make sure” that I look what I deem as “okay”. What does my stomach look like? Is it flat or is it bloated for everyone […]

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Ticks but Were Afraid to Ask

posted Monday, June 22, 2015

by: in Pet Talk

Ticks are not insects, but members of the arachnid family which includes spiders and scorpions. They are parasites that will latch onto the host by embedding their mouths into the skin and suck blood. This method of feeding makes them the perfect disease-transmitting organism. In fact, ticks are responsible for at least 10 different diseases […]

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Savvy Packing Tips

posted Monday, June 15, 2015

by: in Travel

More and more airlines are cracking down on their carry-on baggage policy. Passengers will no longer be able to board a plane with more carry-on items than they are allowed and that are also too big or heavy. This crackdown will lead to more flights leaving on time, as it will take less time for […]

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Self-Confidence: Secrets from a Boring Newsfeedger

posted Monday, June 8, 2015

by: in Mental Health / Self-Help

Picking up a book on “The Ultimate Secret of Total Self-Confidence” at the store is almost like saying, “I’m a huge push-over who wishes I was cool enough to not care what other people think”. (Almost…as in that was once my actual thought.) I would love to be naturally confident but the truth is that […]

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Creating our Life Purpose

posted Thursday, June 4, 2015

by: in Mental Health / Self-Help

Understanding our purpose in life is a monumental experience. So often we drift through life wondering what we were put on this Earth to do, to be, to whatever. (And subsequently feel very lost and “whatever”.) For this Newsfeed, I refer to Jack Canfield’s, “The Success Principles” (a book you will find I mention a […]

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Thai food with Rockstars

posted Monday, June 1, 2015

by: in Humour in Life and Business

My day job is at a radio station and because of that I get to meet people in the business. I recently got a pretty cool client: The Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp (Toronto). For those who enrol in the camp, you get to work with “camp counsellors” made up of rock greats. This particular […]

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