Month: December 2020

Memories of Christmas Past

posted Friday, December 18, 2020

by: in Boomers

Here we are in the last month of what has been a very interesting year. We have become familiar with social distancing, lockdowns, masks, different colours for stages of how areas are doing, and daily updates on COVID-19’s spread. This a lot of things we wish we hadn’t become familiar with, but there is a […]

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Shayla’s Voice -family shares their story of a child with autism

posted Tuesday, December 8, 2020

by: in Community

We are Sean and Annasha Martin and we appreciate the opportunity to share ‘Shayla’s Voice‘, our daughters’ journey with severe autism. Our family’s goal is to be her voice, as well as the voice of others, through our non-profit organization. We strive to not only bring awareness and support for the autism community, but to […]

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COVID fatigue, celebrating Christmas differently, and a sweet holiday treat recipe

posted Wednesday, December 2, 2020

by: in Boomers

I hope everyone is still managing to stay sane during this COVID-19 thing. It has been a long time since it started, and we can expect a few more months at least before we see any degree of normalcy. Even my computer felt the effects of COVID. When I did a Newsfeed for Remembrance Day, […]

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