Month: April 2020

A Guide to Getting Through the Pandemic in Durham Region

posted Tuesday, April 28, 2020

by: in Community

We all know it’s a difficult time for everyone out there, with loads of information being fed to us every minute by various news platforms. We must remain aware for our health and well-being, but also be aware of erroneous unproven news items and scams as well. Here are the official Durham Region links to […]

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Surviving COVID-19 – a time for reflection

posted Tuesday, April 21, 2020

by: in Boomers

The COVID 19 epidemic reminded me of another flu epidemic when I was in elementary school. I remember a few days when there were only about five of us in our class. I think the rest had the flu. I did a search and found out that was a flu pandemic from 1957-1958. It was […]

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Protecting Your Mental Well-being During a Pandemic

posted Friday, April 17, 2020

by: in Healthy Living

We are hearing a lot about the directives from our local Public Health Units for protecting our physical health during this global pandemic. We can’t deny that these protocols and steps are absolutely necessary for ensuring not only our health, and the health of our family, but also the health of the community at large […]

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Do Plastics Really Impact my Hormones?

posted Monday, April 13, 2020

by: in Healthy Living

While we isolate at home, here are a few household chores that you might want to take time to explore. We are surrounded by plastics, from food and beverage storage containers, to product packaging, to cleaning products, and so much more. Have you ever stopped to think about the effect plastics can have on our […]

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Tips for Healthy Weight Loss: What to do When You Hit a Plateau

posted Tuesday, April 7, 2020

by: in Healthy Living

During this time of a pandemic, some people maybe eating more and exercising less, which could lead to an unexpected weight gain. At my clinic I see patients throughout the year who are looking to lose that excess weight, so I’ve compiled a list of tips to help patients achieve their weight loss goals while […]

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